LNTU.ORG restarted

LNTU.ORG Oct 8, 2015

Before text

I found this community on Apr 18 2015, at first, I was eager to make it powerful, if you want to get the detail, here is the post I wrote last term.

Actually, my thought was great, but my move was wrong, completely wrong.

A huge number of people is not necessary  to a healthy group, China has never lacked people, 然并卵. We need genius, at least he isn't a person that are called as '伸手党' in Chinese.

Inspired by B3LOG -- an open source community, I'm going to restart this project now.

From now on, only Hackers and Painters will be welcomed to join us, but why? I will explain it below.


Welcome to Liaoning Technical University Organization.

This is a platform for outstanding students in Liaoning Technical University that only programmers and designers are needed.

The world consists of two parts, one is creating, and the other is destroying. Our job is creating, so we only need someone to create and someone to make it better to use.


  • Do not talk about any channel to get any illegal copy software movies and music
  • Speak foreign languages as much as possible
  • Do not reprint any web pages but share a link
  • Make your content helpful, do not post your content like '顶', '路过', '前排', '66666' and ect
  • You can't delete your posts, so think again before publishing
  • Do not infringe any intellectual property right of another or the privacy or publicity rights of another
  • Do not libelous, defamatory, abusive, threatening, harassing, hateful, offensive or otherwise violates any law or right of any third party
  • This is a free community, and you are not controlled by chinese laws. JUST FOLLOW YOUR BASE LINE

Our wishes

Traditionally, the mode of a Chinese community is a big boss and a lot of silly B users. The boss is just like a god, and for him, nothing is impossible, he is responsible for other users' everything, and be satisfied by the praise from those guys.

Here, the wall was born, you can see the words like 'Annex replies visible' 'This topic is not open to your user group' anywhere. Once a forum got a boss, the forum wins.

We're going to break this gold rule.

If you are neither a creator nor a designer, please press Ctrl+F4 or Command+Q, this community may not suitable for you.

Let's make ourselves better by chatting with excellent people.


Jie Li

🚘 On-road / 📉 US Stock / 💻 Full Stack Developer / 🎓 Grad Student / ®️ ENTJ

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