Yosemite 10.10.3 keyboard unresponsive

Tips Mar 21, 2015

These days while I was surfing the internet, the keyboard will be unresponsive, USB keyboard didn't work, and it self's keyboard either.

In average this problem appear 5~6 times a day.

Fortunately, I found the reason.

The problem still appear in the latest build (14D105g).

This problem will appear after selecting the Look Up option on the context menu that right click some words in any application text block.

After using Lookup function the keyboard will be unresponsive.

There is a imperfect way:

sudo mv /System/Library/Frameworks/Foundation.framework/Versions/C/XPCServices/LookupViewService.xpc/Contents/Resources/LookupViewService.storyboardc ~/Desktop

这几天每天键盘失灵好几次,给我闹得啊,外接键盘不行,自带的键盘也不行,然后我还发现在 Dashboard 里面管用,我以为是那玩意儿闹得,还把他 kill 了。

kill dashboard 也不是没有原因的,我也意识到每次都是一查英文单词就键盘失灵(我 Dashboard 里面有个百度翻译的裁剪)。

发现这个 bug 真不容易,为啥吧,每次都是用触摸板,三指点按,翻翻网页,鼠标划划,基本不碰键盘的,直到啥时候 command+Q,才发现键盘坏了,妈蛋的。

各种谷歌各种百度,逛了各种论坛,终于找到跟我一样的了,就是三指点按的 Lookup Function 闹的。



Jie Li

🚘 On-road / 📉 US Stock / 💻 Full Stack Developer / 🎓 Grad Student / ®️ ENTJ

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